Monday, November 19, 2007

ahh Don't you just LOVE last minute requests???

-.-;;; I LOOOOOOOVE it! blahhh!!!!!!!!!

haha So I get a call from J JDSN on saturday afternoon right when I begin to start my hw and he asked me to make him a logo for winter retreat 07' for his church. I ask him when he needs it by and he tells me that DAY, that NIGHT! I'm like WHAT!!! I have hw to do and stuff but in the end I made it. Its super simple and truthfully I didn't really spend that much time on it. So I'm like blahh but he should have told me at least a month or a week earlier because right now its crunch time for us. Crazy one week assignments and I am lucky to get more than 3 hrs of sleep per night. ^^

Sunday, November 18, 2007

William Addison Dwiggins

William Addison Dwiggins - ELECTRA

Type Project 5

Objective : Using your typeface research, design a 3-panel brochure promoting your typeface.

Assignment : take visual audit of how typefaces are promoted and displayed. Review your research and outline, Select information and decide how you want to show that content in your layout.

- expand your outline to paragraph form (headlines, quotes, bodey, text, ect.)
- add visual aids (an ad, a list, a headline treatment, a graph, a card, a monogram, a logo, an info graphic,)
- you can use images but your design should be TYPE DOMINANT!

Size : at least 17 inches long BY any inches height. (can be longer than 17)
Folded: 17 inches should be folded into 3 panels

- 2 FINAL comps, front and back, folded (TRIMED)
- With 6 panel sketches showing process
- Panel = one page
- Panel Sketch = shows preliminary designs for that page
- Final comp = Your final design that you want to present. The design should be resolved. Type correctly presented.

~~~ FINAL~~~ (or maybe finals) I've worked on this for two days! First day was Side A from 6 pm ~ close to 2 am. Side two was today, 11-17-07 from 12 pm ~ 5 pm and from 10 pm ~ 2:30 am ^^

^ Side A

^ Side B

Remember that these will be folded 3 times. I'm starting to like what I just did. I actually detested this project because type is my weakness but I'm starting to like it more and more. ^^

Sunday, November 4, 2007

morning glory


will post up the symbols later ...

here are some of the patterns ... each set contains one symbol and that symbol is used to create the patterns ^^

regrets of photographs

^ photoshop

Old art work

^ cd cover


Animals~ ^^

My animals *^^*