Sunday, November 18, 2007

William Addison Dwiggins

William Addison Dwiggins - ELECTRA

Type Project 5

Objective : Using your typeface research, design a 3-panel brochure promoting your typeface.

Assignment : take visual audit of how typefaces are promoted and displayed. Review your research and outline, Select information and decide how you want to show that content in your layout.

- expand your outline to paragraph form (headlines, quotes, bodey, text, ect.)
- add visual aids (an ad, a list, a headline treatment, a graph, a card, a monogram, a logo, an info graphic,)
- you can use images but your design should be TYPE DOMINANT!

Size : at least 17 inches long BY any inches height. (can be longer than 17)
Folded: 17 inches should be folded into 3 panels

- 2 FINAL comps, front and back, folded (TRIMED)
- With 6 panel sketches showing process
- Panel = one page
- Panel Sketch = shows preliminary designs for that page
- Final comp = Your final design that you want to present. The design should be resolved. Type correctly presented.

~~~ FINAL~~~ (or maybe finals) I've worked on this for two days! First day was Side A from 6 pm ~ close to 2 am. Side two was today, 11-17-07 from 12 pm ~ 5 pm and from 10 pm ~ 2:30 am ^^

^ Side A

^ Side B

Remember that these will be folded 3 times. I'm starting to like what I just did. I actually detested this project because type is my weakness but I'm starting to like it more and more. ^^

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