Monday, November 19, 2007

ahh Don't you just LOVE last minute requests???

-.-;;; I LOOOOOOOVE it! blahhh!!!!!!!!!

haha So I get a call from J JDSN on saturday afternoon right when I begin to start my hw and he asked me to make him a logo for winter retreat 07' for his church. I ask him when he needs it by and he tells me that DAY, that NIGHT! I'm like WHAT!!! I have hw to do and stuff but in the end I made it. Its super simple and truthfully I didn't really spend that much time on it. So I'm like blahh but he should have told me at least a month or a week earlier because right now its crunch time for us. Crazy one week assignments and I am lucky to get more than 3 hrs of sleep per night. ^^

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